Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 2022

Think of a wet and dry vacuum, and you will imagine an image of huge vacuums that are used inside commercial garages, workshops or service centres.

However, there are smaller versions of such vacuums available that can be used to tackle quick cleanup and accidental spills in your house.

Sold as wet and dry handheld vacuums, these are compact and don’t have the same suction like their commercial counterparts. Still, they are beneficial in residential areas, including indoor and car cleaning.

What is a Wet and Dry Hoover & How It Works?

A wet and dry vacuum works similar to regular handhelds hoovers. Wet/Dry vacuums have a motor that generates power to spin an internal fan. Air generated by fan spinning flows through cleaning head to draw all the dust, debris, and wet garbage.

However, there are some differences. In a wet and dry vac, there is a filter that separates liquid and solid dust. Several other models separate cleaning head or attachments to clean liquid spills and other dirt respectively.

As you can understand from its working, a Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum takes care of dirt and liquid spills. If you live in a house with kids or pets, one of them can be a valuable investment for you.

Best Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Reviews 2022

Wet and Dry Handheld VacuumWeightCapacityRuntimePrice
NOVETE Wet Dry Handheld971 g0.60L30 Mins
Pro Breeze 14.8v Wet & Dry1.3 Kg500ml25 Mins
BLACK+DECKER Wet and Dry998 g-8 Mins
Beldray 1.4V Rechargeable1.16 Kg0.5L20 Mins
Hoover Jive 7.2 V Wet & Dry898 g0.3L10 Mins
VonHaus Handheld Hoover998 g0.10L-
Audew Handheld Vacuums862 g2200mah25-30 Mins
URAQT Handheld Vacuum699 g0.60 litres20-30 Mins
AivaToba Handheld Vacuums1.28 Kg0.50 litres25-35 Mins
VOONEEN Car Vacuum1.22 Kg0.7 litres25-30 Mins

Here are our 10 wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner reviews 2022.


1. NOVETE Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

NOVETE Handheld Vacuums Cordless

  • Weight. 971 grams
  • Dust capacity. 0.60 litres
  • Runtime. 30 minutes

Designed to clean both wet and dry waste, the handheld from Novete is a suitable option for buyers who wants a powerful vacuum, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. The portable vacuum has a simple design with a handle at its back, and a power button and battery indicators located on the top.

Going down, you will see another grey button that can be used to separate the dust canister from the main body.

Dual filtration, including a HEPA filter and another standard screen, is placed inside its dust chamber. Talking about the accessories, the hand held wet vac comes with a crevice tool, rubber nozzle tool, two washable HEPA filters and a brush.

Using these accessories and its powerful suction up to 7kpa, you will notice that the vac performs well on hard floors as well as carpets. It delivers a runtime of thirty minutes, so you will have enough time to clean furniture and other materials.

Key features:

  • Multiple attachments for versatile cleaning
  • A low sound level of 78 dB
  • Detachable battery for virtually limitless runtime


2. Pro Breeze 14.8v Wet & Dry Portable Hoover

Pro Breeze 14.8V Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum

  • Weight. 1.3 kg
  • Dust capacity. 650 ml
  • Runtime. 25 minutes

With a supreme suction power of 6kPa, the 14.8V handheld vacuum from Pro Breeze cleans everything from dust, debris, liquid spills and even the dirt that cannot be even noticed from naked eyes. This lightweight vacuum has 500 ml dirt carrying capacity and 120 ml reserved for liquid spills.

As the vacuum is cordless, it can be quickly taken to a cleaning sport without worrying about power cables. To tackle a wide variety of residential objects, the vacuum includes three attachments including a squeegee, brush and a crevice tool.

The hand held wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with a 90W robust motor and 2000AH Li-ion battery that can be charged within 5 hours. There is a battery indicator that turns green once the battery is full. Once fully charged, the battery runs for up to 25 minutes.

The Lithium-ion cells give you a fade-free suction power without adding much to the overall weight. Dustbuster features a HEPA Filter that keeps all the allergen, dust mites and dust particles away from your family giving you a hygienic environment.

Key features:

  • Separate attachment for liquid spills
  • Includes a wall-mountable docking station that can also be placed on a tabletop
  • Ergonomic design with trigger system cleaning


3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Wet and Dry Vac

BLACK+DECKER 7.2 V Lithium-Ion

  • Weight. 998 grams
  • Dust capacity. 370 ml
  • Runtime. 8 minutes

Excellent value for money, the Dustbuster offers robust suction and a decent runtime, which is excellent for limited and small cleanings. It reaches the areas that you cannot access using traditional methods.

Due to its ergonomic design, the handheld is very user-friendly. As it can draw both dry and wet dust, you can use it anywhere in the kitchen, garage, living room garden and even shower. Its full mouth picks up also massive waste so that you can clean quickly. To get the best performance, you have to clean its filters after every cleanup and empty the canister to maintain the suction power.

As it has a transparent dust catcher, you can notice when you have to leave the waste. You have a quick-release dust bowl for hygienic emptying. Moreover, you can wash the dust chamber for overall cleaning.

The handheld wet dry vacuum comes with a table or wall mountable charging dock. Apart from that, it has four other attachments that can give you cleaning access to a wide variety of areas and materials.

Key features:

  • Multiple-use anywhere in the house
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy dust emptying


4. Beldray 1.4V Rechargeable Wet/Dry Hand Vac

Beldray BEL0676

  • Weight. 1.16 kg
  • Dust capacity. 0.5 litres
  • Runtime. 20 minutes

Compact and stylish, BEL0676 gives you excellent cleaning results throughout the house. Whether it’s a quick clean up for a dust bitten sofa or an accidental coffee spill in the living room, you can have the ever ready handheld from Beldray.

The product comes with a 7.2V Lithium-ion battery that can be recharged within four hours to give you a runtime of 20 minutes. Due to powerful suction, it gives you a clean material or area within a few passes.

Included crevice and brush attachments assist you while cleaning all the corners and other tight spaces. It also comes with a special squeegee that is useful for picking liquid spills.

Easy to hand held has an on/off switch for a straightforward cleaning process. BEL0676 has a washable filter that works efficiently to contain all the dust particles and other allergens to give you a safe environment. It comes with a decent dust capacity, which allows you to clean for a long duration without worrying about waste emptying.

Key features:

  • Includes a wall-mountable charging base
  • Powerful suction
  • Washable filters
  • Comes with a separate tool for liquid waste


5. Hoover Jive 7.2 V Wet & Dry Cordless Handheld Hoover

Hoover Jive Wet and Dry

  • Weight. 898 grams
  • Dust capacity. 0.3 litres
  • Runtime. 10 minutes

A confident and convenient to use handheld from Hoover, the Jive tackles every waste you can imagine. No matter whether its solid debris or a milk spill, the cordless vacuum works against them to give you a clean floor. For hard to reach areas, you can use its flip-out cleaning head.

With a decent runtime, the vacuum gives you enough time for quick cleanups. It is a lightweight vacuum that is very easy to use and control. With a 7.2V battery, this Hoover generates powerful suction for desired cleaning results on all floor types; hardwood or carpets.

To stop the flow of liquid, it comes with a squeegee and to clean the corners; the vac also has a crevice tool. For delicate materials, upholstery and other soft materials Jive also features a brush. For secure storage, it includes a table stand.

The handheld comes with a washable and reusable filter. Its recommended to wash the filters after every cleaning session to keep the vacuum efficient and durable. The dust storing capacity is sufficient for daily crumbs. Moreover, the vacuum works at a low sound level of 75 dB, so that you can clean the room without disturbing your kids or pets.

Key features:

  • Multifunctional and stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Flip out cleaning head that works as an integrated crevice


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6. VonHaus Handheld Hoover 11.1 V

VonHaus Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 998 grams
  • Dust capacity. 0.1 litre
  • Runtime. 10 minutes

An alternative to heavy uprights, the handheld portable wet vacuum from VonHaus is lightweight and easy to store. It has a powerful suction that quickly picks up all the dust types, including dry and wet waste. The 11.1 V handheld is designed for versatile cleaning. Hence it has a powerful suction of 5kPa so that you can use it for all the cleaning tasks across the house.

Not only indoors, but due to its compact size, you can also use the vacuum inside your car. For better cleaning results inside a vehicle, it has a crevice tool, and there is a rubber attachment for liquid waste.

Ergonomically designed and lightweight handheld is easy to use. It’s grey, and the orange colour looks stylish in your hands and gives you complete control over the cleaning process. As the vacuum has powerful suction, it provides satisfactory results on carpets, hardwoods, curtains, ceilings, upholstery, tiles, mattress and other materials

The handheld comes with a wall-mountable charging station that keeps the cleaning device in active mode. It has a dust canister, which is easy to empty and hence suitable for taking in dust from small areas.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful 5kPa suction
  • Includes a couple of accessories for better cleaning results


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7. Audew Handheld Vacuums Cordless

Audew Handheld Vacuums Cordless

  • Weight. 862 g
  • Dust capacity. 2200mah
  • Runtime. 25-30 minutes

With a sturdy suction, the 120W vacuum cleaner from Audew can quickly and efficiently pick up all the dust particles, debris, animal fur, liquid spills and all waste parts from a residential area.

Due to its compact and lightweight nature, you can also use the vacuum for car cleaning. It has three attachments, including a brush to clean pet hair, a crevice tool to reach tight corners and a soft pipe to give you an extended cleaning reach.

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The handheld works with three Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged within five hours to give you a runtime of 25-30 minutes. Moreover, there are LED lights that take care of your vision while cleaning dark places. It has durable, washable and reusable stainless steel filters.

At 70 dB, the vacuum is quiet enough to leave the elders, kids and pets undisturbed. In addition to the stylish appearance, the vacuum has short-circuited protection, temperature protection and its safe from voltage spikes. So any of your family members can use the vac conveniently and securely.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel durable filter mesh
  • Multifunctional; can be used anywhere for both wet and dry waste
  • Easy to empty dust canister
  • Strong suction
  • Up to thirty minutes of runtime


8. URAQT Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless

URAQT Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless

  • Weight. 699 g
  • Dust capacity. 0.60 litres
  • Runtime. 20-30 minutes

High quality 120W alloy motor generates a powerful suction of 4.5kPa, which is more than sufficient to draw any dust particle or liquid spills. Its premium Lithium battery gives you a runtime of 20-30 minutes that can efficiently be utilized to clean an area square. We are talking about our next wet and dry vacuum from URAQT. Let’s find out more about it.

All the waste goes into a moderately sized canister of the vacuum, which is easy to empty once you press a button on top of the vacuum.

There are three-stage filtration in this handheld so that you can be safe from dust mites and other allergens. Dustbowl as well as the filter, both are washable, hence you do not have to invest in a replaceable filter or dust bags.

The wet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner comes with three accessories; a crevice tool to take care of the corners, brush nozzles for animal fur, and a rubber attachment to clean liquid spills. Apart from these add-ons, the vacuum also includes a replacement filter.

Key features:

  • Strong suction for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Triple filters for thorough cleaning
  • Several attachments for efficient cleaning
  • Easy to empty and clean


9. AivaToba Handheld Vacuums Cordless

AivaToba Handheld Vacuums Cordless

  • Weight. 1.28 Kg
  • Bin capacity. 0.50 litres
  • Runtime. 25-35 mins

Bothered by repeated liquid spills or pet hair on your sofa or bed? AivaToba gives you a solution in the face of its handheld vacuum cleaner that has a suction power of 8000 PA.

Its built-in Lithium 3*2200mAh Battery works for up to 25-35 minutes and gives you sufficient time to clean all dirt from your house or car. Due to its high suction power, it wastes no time in collecting all the dust particles from a small area.

The handheld comes with a stainless steel filter, which is superior to any other screen in terms of allergen retention. As the filter is washable and reusable, the maintenance cost of the vacuum is less. With the handheld, you will find three attachments that can be used to clean different areas or materials in a house.

It has a crevice tool to clean dust and spilt liquid in the corners, a brush to clean animal fur and an extension pipe that can be used to clean almost any unreachable part of your house or vehicle.

AivaToba handheld has decent dust carrying capacity that is comparatively higher than many other variants available in the UK market. The vac is one of the lightest, so you will be controlling it with one hand without much hassle.

Key features:

  • A washable stainless steel filter
  • Robust battery for fade-free suction
  • One button dust emptying process


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10. VOONEEN Car Vacuum Cleaner – Best Wet Dry Vac for Car

VOONEEN Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight. 1.22 Kg
  • Voltage. 220V

Unable to clean corners in your house or the door pockets in the car?

VOONEEN handled is excellent for these tight areas. After a charging time of four hours, the 12V portable vacuum works for 25-30 minutes without any degrade in its suction.

With the given runtime and four included attachments, the best value cordless hoover is suitable for quick cleanups inside the house or your vehicle. One of those extras is a crevice tool, which, when used with the hose, gives you total access to the tough to reach corners in your car or kitchen.

Apart from that, it has a dusting brush that can be used for regular cleaning, especially on textile materials like upholstery and curtains.

Key features:

  • Product power: 220V
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful suction

Wet/Dry Handheld Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a vacuum that can clean both dry and wet dust is not only cost-effective but also a smart decision. But, you cannot purchase any given handheld without making sure that it will fit your requirements. To help you buy the right product, we have this brief buying guide ready here.

Power Source: When you browse for wet and dry vacuum, you will primarily see two categories; corded and battery operated. If you choose a corded variant, you will have to be around a power outlet while you clean. An alternate option is a cordless handheld that can be used anywhere. There are different types of batteries available in cordless vacuums. Some of them are nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride. Lithium-ion batteries have the highest standard in terms of durability and runtime. So choose according to the nature of cleaning, power type and your requirements.

Run and Charge Time: Handheld vacuums are meant for quick cleanups. Still, the runtime is a crucial factor to consider. If you are choosing a corded vacuum, then you don’t worry about this factor. On the other road, the cordless variants should have at least 10 minutes of runtime, so that you can clean the area without worrying about a power off.

Suction: Motor power, battery and the technology used for the airflow decide the suction power of a cordless vacuum cleaner. At all times, suction strength will be mentioned in the description of a hand held. Look for the maximum suction power and a powerful motor. If a vac is using cyclonic technology; it’s a better option.

Filtration: If you are allergic to airborne contaminants, we would recommend a vacuum with HEPA filters. You can also consider a standard screen if its efficient according to the description. Look for a vacuum with washable and reusable filters.

Containment: How much dust can a vacuum hold? It decides how long you will be able to clean. Look for the maximum. However, you can choose according to the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Buy Cordless or Corded Model?

If you need some real cleaning power to deal with stubborn dust, then choose a corded vacuum. Otherwise, you can go for cordless, because it gives you free and convenient cleaning anywhere; until and unless to hate to stop after 30 minutes.

Can a wet/dry vac pick up water?

Yes, you can purchase a wet and dry vacuum to draw any liquids, including soda, water, milk, alcohol, urine, or any flammable liquid.

Can wet/dry vac clean carpets?

Carpets are available in different varieties in terms of thickness and its bristles nature. So, a wet and dry vacuum will be efficient according to its motor power and suction strength.

How do you dry wet carpet padding?

First of all, fold the carpet away and use a wet/dry vacuum to draw maximum water from it. Use a sturdy object like a wooden bar to hit the padding to force the water out and then use the water/dry vacuum again over it. Make sure that all the electronic components are kept away from water while the process goes one.

How much is a wet/dry vacuum?

The price depends upon the form factor. However, a cordless handheld can be purchased anywhere between £30 to £45.

What type of batteries are used in cordless wet/dry vacs?

Most of the cordless wet and dry vacuums available in the UK market uses the following battery types:

  • Lead Acid. More substantial and losses the suction strength in a fast manner.
  • NiCd – Nickel Cadmium. Expensive, hazardous to the eco-system, but compelling then lead-acid batteries.
  • NiMH – Nickel metal hydride. Often found in cordless vacuums, these batteries have almost replaced NiCds.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. High quality, inexpensive and provides the maximum runtime.

Summary – Which Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Should I Buy?

Consider the requirements, check the buying guide and then choose an option you like the most among all the above-mentioned variants. If we need to simplify more, we would again recommend the wet and dry handheld vacuum by Novete.

It has powerful suction, excellent runtime and efficient filtration. Pro Breeze handheld is another viable option with an outstanding runtime and constant suction.

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