Vax Vacuum Cleaner UK Reviews 2019

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The Vax Company has always been known as a top brand in the UK that specialises in the finest of vacuum cleaners. Their wide range of different models of vacuum cleaners has been designed to meet every cleaning needs.

However, even though we’ve reviewed five out of their best vacuum cleaners, it is of great importance to know that choosing the best Vax hoover for your home is a great responsibility and a choice that has to be made by you.

Vacuum cleaners by Vax come in different sizes and models to suit your preference. Vax has a broad range of vac which includes the cylinder, upright, cordless vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners.

There’s absolutely a wide range of options that you can choose from. Vax vacuum cleaners have been predominantly recognised to be among the best manufacturers of vacuum cleaners that provide the best quality of vac.

However, shopping for a Vax vacuum cleaner that will correctly do the cleaning job well can be a daunting task, so here we’ve compiled a list of the best top 5 Vax hoovers that you can purchase.

5 Best Vax Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vax Vacuum CleanerTypeWeightPrice
Vax UCPESHV1Upright6.2 Kg
Vax U90-MA-ReUpright4.9 Kg
Vax U85-AS-BeUpright4.9 Kg
Vax 6131TCylinder8 kg
Vax TBT3V1B1Stick4.72 Kg

Here are the top 5 Vax vacuum cleaner reviews in the UK.


1) Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Vax UCPESHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner

This airlift steerable pet vacuum cleaner by Vax is among the best vacuum cleaners that you can get on the market. With a lift-out cylinder, it possesses the strength of a typical Vax UCPESHV1 Air Upright vacuum cleaner and gives you the benefit of reaching every angle of the room.

Its versatility lies in the fact that it doesn’t restrict you to a particular spot or area because of weight as you do not need to carry the whole vacuum cleaner but can take the portable cylinder around with you. It is very suitable for your stairs, floor and car cleaning.

Apart from having a lift-out cylinder, the Vax Airlift steerable pet vacuum cleaner also possesses other critical features like a steerable technology which gives the benefit of navigation. With a dual-axis that makes it easy for the vac to be moved around furniture and other things that might be in the way of cleaning quite quickly.

You do not need to stress yourself while cleaning. This excellent hoover by Vax is also a perfect fit for people who love pets but do not like to have furs and dirt lying around their couches or floors.

With this excellent turbo tool, all you need to do is attach the vacuum cleaner to a hose and let it work its wonders. The combination of the vacuum cleaner amazing suction capabilities and its rotating brushes will surely get rid of furs from your space very fast. It comes with an extra fluffy and fur tool which makes it the best option for people with pets.

The Air Lift Steerable Vacuum cleaner also comes with a powerful multi-cyclonic technology which allows it to clean your home very quickly without losing suction. It also has a cord length of about 13m and a hose length of 3.6m which makes it very easy to cover dirty areas in a few minutes. This perfect hoover has high-performance ratings in cleaning, energy hard floors and carpet pickup, and emissions.


2) Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Upright Vacuum

This astounding Vax U90-MA-Re vacuum cleaner comes in purple colour. It’s lightly weighted as it only carries a weight of 5kg and is designed to stand uprightly. It has impressive features that include a 10m cord that makes it very easy for one to move around without the disadvantage of plugging and unplugging it and a 3.6m stretch hose which makes it possible for it to get rid of debris from your stairs easily and fast.

It also possesses a powerful turbo tool that makes it suitable for cleaning spaces with pets; with the air reach upright vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about having pet hairs around your upholstery. It, however, carries a 1.5 litres dust container which is considered an added advantage.

Also, it is made with multiple cyclonic technologies that make the provision of an excellent suction across carpets and hard floors easy and effective. The telescopic handle which the vacuum cleaner possesses makes it very comfortable for people with different heights. Not only does the Air Reach Upright Vacuum cleaner qualifies as a viable turbo tool that is suitable for all home cleaning options, but it also possesses an A rating performance for hard carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and dust emission.

This spectacular vac by Vax was specially designed to perform the total function of a high-performance machine, but with a reduction in its weight. Manufacturers of this hoover made sure they reduced the weight of every component piece by piece as they assembled it. The lightness of this vacuum cleaner makes it require little or no effort to move it through and fro the stairs. It also has a slim design and a handle that is retractable which makes it convenient for people who don’t have too much space for storage.

It also has a button that helps one to switch between two cleaning modes so that you can switch between vacuuming hard floors and carpets. It’s also Eco-designed to ensure energy performance and efficiency.


3) Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch Upright Hoover

Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch Upright Vacuum

This is another excellent upright vacuum cleaner by Vax. Made to have no loss of suction and with little weight. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner that you should purchase for your cleaning needs. It possesses a 3 in 1 tool which features an upholstery, crevice and dusting tool which means that the vacuum cleaner can serve all cleaning purposes. With its extra-long 13m cord and 3.6m hose which can reach an astonishing distance of 17m, which means less unplugging and plugging, with this feature of this upright vacuum cleaner; cleaning up and down the stairs just got very easy.

The Vax Air Stretch vac has been tested to maximum and also has A ratings in energy, hard floor pickup, emissions and carpet pickup. Another fantastic feature of this vacuum cleaner is that even though it can complete a total home cleaning with its long cord and hose, it weighs only 5kg and this very much adds to its versatility.

It also has potent multiple cyclone technologies which allow it to retain its suction power when used on hard floors and carpets. The Air Stretch uptight vacuum cleaner by Vax is a perfect turbo tool that can not only be used on stairs alone but can be used to clean homes with pets also.

Besides this, the Air Stretch upright vacuum cleaner comes with an additional tool kit which includes a hard floor tool, fur and fluff tool to get rid of embedded pet hairs or furs from your space and a high angle tool and mattress tool.

Additionally, the Vax Air Stretch upright Vacuum cleaner has a powerful 70mph which makes the impression that you are getting a fantastic hoover that’s worth your money. Its cylinder is about 1.5, and it only consumes 23.6-kilowatt hours of energy per year. Another advantage is that it comes with a year guarantee which means that Vax places high importance on quality.


4) Vax 6131T 3 in 1 Canister Vac

Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Canister Vacuum

If you are looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner that’s very excellent at performing a total home cleaning and that also has an auto mix system, you have to choose the Vax 6131T vacuum cleaner. It can not only be used as a carpet washer, but it can also be used to suck up accidental spills. With its robust design and its startling five castor wheels, you do not need to worry about navigating the hoover around your home while cleaning. It also has dry vacuum function, 4 litres clean water capacity and an enormous 8 litres dirty water capacity.

Another great feature of the Vax 6131T vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a variety of vacuum tools which guarantees that all your cleaning needs are met. With this vacuum cleaner, you possess a crevice tool to reach hard places, an upholstery tool to take dirt off your couch and stairs and a dusting brush for those narrow and tricky angles like the curtain rails.

This unique vacuum cleaner, when used as a carpet washer, will remove all dirt embedded in your carpet and would leave it looking amazingly beautiful like you just purchased it.

The Vax 6131T has a fibre flow wash head and ultra plus solution which allows it to get your carpet cleaned up easily; this is because of its large tank capacity. Its robust canister vac tank implies less refilling and emptying.

With this particular vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about accidental spills and spot cleaning, as the vacuum cleaner has a 2.5m hose and a great wash tool that was specially designed to help get rid of spillage. With the 6313T Vax vacuum cleaner, you’ve got a reliable vacuum cleaner that can wash your carpets, upholstery, stairs and suck up accidental spills and spots. It weighs about 8.1 kg, comes in colour orange and has a fantastic canister vacuum tank of 10 litres. It can also reach a great cleaning distance of about 10 minutes and can be run for 100 minutes.


5) Vax TBT3V1B1 Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vax TBT3V1B1 Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Operating with a 32V lithium battery, this amazing cordless vacuum cleaner can be handy for home cleaning. It came with high-quality modern design and was made with the new Vax TBT3V1B1 Direct Helix Technology which has proven to have a great runtime than other well-known cordless vacuum cleaners.

You can use the lithium battery for a startling 45 minutes, meaning that you can use the vacuum cleaner twice without recharging it. It possesses enough suction power to get rid of dirt from cars, stairs and upholstery; it can even be used as a pet hair removal. Another important feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it has a boost mode that instantly increases power at the touch of a button.

The Vax TBT3V1B1 blade cordless vacuum cleaner has three-dimensional support in its horizontal dirt bin which intersects the cleaning wand allowing a direct air path from the floor to the cyclone; this necessitates high performance and exceptional efficiency. Also, it comes with a detachable handle which makes cleaning very comfortable and a cleaning wand to reach difficult angles around the home.

Even though this is a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Vax TBTTV1B1 cordless vacuum cleaner also comes with a 3 in 1 tool; pet or stairs tool, up top tool and hard floor tool. It comes with a floor head that was specially designed to be able to pick dirt off all types of floors; this floor head could also be easily attached to the detachable handle for a comfortable car and stairs cleaning.

This spectacular cordless vacuum cleaner by Vax was specially designed to offer its users a smarter and efficient way of cleaning. This hoover also possesses an intelligent control dial which will instantly remind you if how much runtime you have left. The TBT3V1B1 blade cordless vacuum is as powerful and efficient as a corded vacuum cleaner, and it also carries 0.6 litres vacuum tank. With the Vax blade cordless vacuum cleaner, you can perform an efficient cleaning without bothering about plugging and unplugging the vacuum cleaner since it has a durable lithium battery.


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Over the years, vacuum cleaners have proved to be an essential appliance that every contemporary home should possess because of its many advantages.

With uses that include getting rid of dirt or debris from bare floors and carpets to removing embedded pet hairs in upholsterers; hoovers are a must-have cleaning appliance for everyone.

Whether you are a clean freak or you desire an automatic way to get your space cleaned up, a Vax vacuum cleaner will perform the perfect job.

When going vac shopping in the UK, remember to put your budget and your preferred cleaning mode or option into consideration.

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