Best Squeegee Mop UK

Best Squeegee Mop UK 2022

When it comes to spruce up the house floor, you need a high-quality squeegee mop.

If you are in search of a cleaning tool for residential use, then look no further.

We have tested and reviewed the ten best squeegee floor mops available in the UK market.

We are recommending them here so that you can choose one based on your cleaning requirements.

Best Squeegee Mop Reviews In Uk 2022

Product Price
Masthome Mop and Bucket
  • Blade. 32 cm
  • Handle. 128 cm
  • Beldray Sponge Mop
  • Blade. 30 cm
  • Handle. 142 cm
  • ADDIS Superdry Plus Mop
  • Blade. 35 cm
  • Handle. 120 cm
  • JML Super Mop Pro
  • Blade. 36 cm
  • Handle. 124 cm
  • Beldray LA038937TQ
  • Blade. 32 cm
  • Handle. 150 cm
  • Marko Homewares Mop
  • Blade. 32 cm
  • Handle. 120 cm
  • Here are our 6 squeegee floor mop reviews 2022 in the UK.

    1. Masthome Mop and Bucket System

    Mop and Bucket System

    • Cleaning blade. 32 cm
    • Handle. 128 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, marble, concrete, and wooden surfaces

    If you need a complete cleaning system for your house, then Masthome mop and bucket deserve a close look. It has a bucket with two compartments, one to wash its mop and another to dry it. So, you don’t have to reach a tap or water mugs to wash the squeegee cleaning  mop.

    Cleaning blade of this mop has a 360-degree swivelling neck, which gives easy access to the areas under furniture pieces. The mop uses microfibre squeegee, which naturally attracts all the dirt, debris and grime to provide you with a shiny floor.

    The mop and bucket system has an ergonomic built, which is easy on your wrist. Due to its decent height, you don’t have to bend repeatedly hurt your back. No more squeezing hand rugs or reaching out a water source to wash the mops, you have it all in the cleaning system from Masthome.

    Key Features:

    • Includes four machine washable squeegee pads
    • Efficient in soaking up liquid due to microfibre pads
    • Dries faster


    2. Beldray LA026477 Sponge Mop

    Beldray LA026477

    • Cleaning blade. 30 cm
    • Handle. 142 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, marble, concrete, and wooden surfaces

    Want to keep the floors clean, but don’t want to touch the dirty mop? Try this incredible sponge mop from Beldray that has an extended reach. Moreover, there is a lever that wrings out excess water and dirt after you are done with floor mopping.

    LA026477 is a sponge mop, so it absorbs all the dust and debris, unlike other mops that tend to push them around the surface. Also, it leaves no streaks or residual marks that can spoil the floor appearance.

    Key features:

    • Made of durable steel
    • An extendable handle between 99 to 142 cm
    • A lever to squeeze out extra water from the sponge


    3. ADDIS Superdry Plus Mop

    ADDIS Superdry Plus Mop in Graphite

    • Cleaning blade. 35 cm
    • Handle. 120 cm
    • Ideal for. Stone, tiles, marble, concrete, and other flat surfaces

    Cleans and dries your floor because of its sponge blade, the Superdry Plus gives excellent cleaning results on all flat surfaces. It also has a long handle to tailor your height. The squeegee mop has a lever that wrings out excess water and dust from the sponge cleaning blade. Its sponge blade is not machine washable, so you will have to look for the replacement once its exhausted.

    The sponge squeegee floor mop absorbs extra amount of water and dust to give you efficient cleaning. It removes all the dust types from you’re the area. Even it has the ability to collect human hair and animal fur. Moreover, its blade has an antibacterial agent that prolongs its life and also discourages terrible smells.

    Key features:

    • Inbuilt lever for hands-free wringing of excess water
    • High-quality sponge to absorb extra dust and water
    • Durable built


    4. JML Super Mop Pro

    JML Super Mop Pro with Telescopic Handle

    • Cleaning head. 36 cm
    • Handle. 124 cm
    • Ideal for. Stone, tiles, marble, concrete, and other flat surfaces

    If you are tired of cleaning the house with traditional ways, then stop wasting your time on hand rugs and brooms, because JML gives you an affordable and efficient way to clean flat surfaces.

    Super Mop Pro cleans and dries at the same time, so now you can quickly get rid of those accidental spills. Due to the extra absorbing nature of its sponge cleaning blade, the Super Mop smartly keeps your house floors free from all the dirt, debris, liquid flow and pet hair.

    The sponge squeegee cleaning mop has a lever that wrings out all the dirty water from its sponge blade. Its long handle gives you a decent cleaning reach, so you can easily clean the floors without bending and above the head areas without looking for a ladder or stool.

    Key features:

    • An effortless lever to wring out water and dust
    • Long telescopic handle
    • Ultra absorbing sponge blade


    5. Beldray LA038937TQ

    Beldray LA038937TQ

    • Cleaning blade. 32 cm
    • Handle. 150 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, wooden floor, laminated surface, marble, and concrete

    Mopping becomes an easy task with this fantastic offering from Beldray. It not only has a flawless design but the squeegee cleaning mop also brightens you house floors instantly with its double-sided cleaning blade. One side of the cleaning pad has nylon, and other has microfibers. Any of them, when used on a flat surface, leaves it clean with optimum shine.

    The Beldray mop has a comfortable grip that gives complete control over the mop without causing any wrist stress. Its cleaning blade folds for a compact form factor and secure storage. Once folded, the cleaning blade settles inside its frame that prevents any dust build-up. So, the next day you will find it ready for the next use.

    Key features:

    • Two different sides of the cleaning head – one to clean and another for polishing
    • Efficient cleaning on wooden floors
    • Easy to store


    6. Marko Homewares Mop Squeegee

    Microfibre Sponge Mop

    • Cleaning blade. 32 cm
    • Handle. 120 cm
    • Ideal for. Hardwood, marble, tiles, ceramic, linoleum, concrete and all other flat surfaces

    The mop squeegee from Marko Homewares comes with a microfibre cleaning blade, which naturally attracts more dust and germs. It has a twisting lever that removes dirt and water from the microfibre blade. The microfibre mop is also removable and machine washable. Hence, you will not have to look for replacements anytime soon.

    Marko Homewares mop takes care of dry as well as wet surfaces. Press it firmyl and move over the floor. As easy as you can read. Due to its long handle, you don’t have to bend during floor cleaning. If you like the smooth design and affordable price tag this can be your new squeegee for wet rooms and kitchen.

    Key features:

    • Suitable for all the flat surfaces
    • Included lever to wring out extra water and dirt
    • Can be used to clean windows


    How does a squeegee work?

    Squeegee mops are one of the best-known handle tools to maintain hard floors and windows. You use a squeegee to remove extra water and dirt from different types of flat surfaces.

    If you see excess grease or grime, you can also use a soap solution to clean the floor, windows or car glasses.

    The only important thing here is to decide a direction where you will clear the water. It’s better to move the squeegee and water towards a drain or exit pipeline.

    If you don’t want to leave any streaks, press the mop firmly and then move the water or dirt.

    There are smaller versions squeegee cleaning mop for windows available on Amazon as well. It does the same job, only the form factor is different.

    Buying Guide: Things to Look When Choose Squeegee

    Cleaning blade material. The first thing you should check while browsing for a squeegee cleaning mop is its blade material.

    Microfibre is widespread because of its soft nature, efficient cleaning and fast-drying ability. Sponge mops are also right because they absorb dust and dries fast because of better airflow.

    Width of a cleaning blade: If you have a small house, then any of the squeegee mentioned above mops will do the job. For more significant area, you need a cleaning blade with better length.

    Example, Tyroler Bright Tools Floor Squeegee has a cleaning blade worth 46 cm, which is sufficient to take care of a large area.

    Water wringing lever: If you want quick and easy clean-ups. You can choose a squeegee mop that comes with a bar to remove extra water.

    With this feature, you will never touch the dirty cleaning blade, and it will be ready for the next use instantly.

    Storage: For a long sized cleaning tool like squeegee cleaning mop, you need storage space. You cannot make it stand in a visible corner. It’s the reason why we have mentioned a couple of squeegee floor mop that has breakable handles.

    Means, you can disassemble the mop into several parts once you are done removing the spills from your kitchen. Example, Tyroler Bright Tools Floor Squeegee and KOLLIEE from Santrue.

    Summary – Which Squeegee Mop Should I Buy?

    Built with 46 cm long single cast rubber, the floor squeegee from Tyroler Bright Tools is the best to remove dirt and water. Its cleaning blade is efficient and never makes a scratch. Moreover, it has a long handle that keeps you comfortable.

    If you want to stay away from water-filled buckets, then invest some more for a mop system from Masthome. It already includes a bucket with two compartments where you can wash and dry the squeegee mop one by one. The product also includes four extra cleaning pads.

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