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Best Petrol Leaf Blower UK 2022

Getting the best petrol leaf blower in the UK is not as easy as ABC, considering the vast products available in the market.

Consequently, we have prepared this guide so that you will be able to find a product that will meet you at your point of need.

We know that proper maintenance of your garden requires the right gardening equipment and if you can get it right when selecting the tool, the task will be made simpler.

What is The Best Petrol Leaf Blower?

Autumn is synonymous with tons of dead leaves and if you want to get rid of them easily, you need the best petrol leaf blower.

Makita BHX2501 24.5

Makita BHX2501The Makita BHX2501 24.5 petrol backpack leaf blower comes with a 4-stroke engine which guarantees reduced emission for greater effective fuel utilization.

You will love its mechanical decompression mechanism which helps in ensuring stable starting at all times.

It has 2-part blower tube so that storage will not be an issue, especially if you don’t have too much space.

Mcculloch GB355BP

Mcculloch GB355BPThe Mcculloch GB355BP is a lightweight leaf blower powered by a strong motor of 1500 Watts.

It comes with a variable speed trigger so that you can control the way you blow the leaves.

With an impressive air speed of 355 kilometres per hour, this machine can blow the most stubborn leaves, even wet ones.

PETROL Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum

PETROL Garden Leaf BlowerPETROL Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum is a 3-in-1 machine capable of blowing, shredding and vacuuming.

It has a mulching bag capacity of 50 litres enabling you to achieve the most satisfactory results.

It is compactly designed so that you will not have issues using and storing it.


Here’s a our quick overview of the top 10 Petrol Leaf Blower 2022 in the UK

Makita BHX2501
Makita BHX2501
  • Power: 810 Watts
  • Sound level: 90.8 dB
  • Weight: 4.4 kg

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    Mcculloch GB355BP
    Mcculloch GB355BP
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Sound level: 95 dB
  • Weight: 9.16 kg

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    PETROL Garden Leaf Blower
    Callow Garden Leaf Blower
  • Power: 3000 Watts
  • Volume reduction ratio: 10:1
  • Grass capacity: 50 Litres

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     vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m
    vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³/Hour
  • Power: 1.25 kW
  • Cylinder displacement: 42.7 cc
  • Weight: 6.5 kg

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    McCulloch GBV345
    Mcculloch GB V325
  • Power: 750 Watts
  • Airspeed: 320 km/h
  • Weight: 4.25 kg

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    Garden Machinery Petrol Leaf Blower
    Garden Machinery Leaf Blower
  • Cylinder displacement: 25.4 cc
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Fuel mix ratio: 25:1

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    Ryobi RBV26B 26cc
    Ryobi RBV26B 26cc
  • Cylinder displacement: 26 cc
  • Airspeed: 325 km/hr
  • Weight: 5.7 kg

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    Kenley glb-30c
    Kenley glb-30c
  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Sound level: 95.1 dB
  • Weight: 6.2 kg

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    Honda HHB 25 EWT Petrol Leaf Blower
    Honda HHB 25 EWT
  • Cylinder displacement : 25 cc
  • Max. air speed: 70 m/s
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

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    Stihl BG86
    Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower
  • 2 stroke-engine
  • 3-in-1 Capability
  • Low Noise

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    Top Rated Petrol Leaf Blower Reviews In UK

    To help you get the best product, our team of researchers analyzed countless leaf blowers. We aim to come up with products that will meet your expectations and give you value for your money.

    During our investigation, we took many factors into account to discover the top products that will serve you better.

    Some of these factors include performance, weight, power, price, affordability, value for money and so on. We believe that you will be able to find the best machine after reading this review.

    1. Makita BHX2501 24.5 cc 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower

    Makita BHX2501

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 810 Watts
    • Cylinder displacement: 24.5 cc
    • Max. airflow: 10.1 cubic meter/minute
    • Sound level: 90.8 dB
    • Weight: 4.4 kg
    • Fuel tank  capacity: 0.52 litres
    • Grass collector capacity: 30 Litres
    • Product Dimensions: 36.8 x 35 x 23 cm

    Our top pick is the Makita BHX2501 24.5 handheld petrol leaf blower. It is powered by a motor of 810 Watts so that the most satisfactory result will be achieved.

    It is compactly designed and weighs just 4.4kg, making it easier to carry with one hand. Its strong MM4 24.5 cc 4-stroke engine does not require any fuel mix.

    Furthermore, you will love the low emission capability of this machine which guarantees reduced fueling. Its 0.52-litre fuel tank is translucent with a large opening so that you refuel it with ease. You will love its diaphragm-type carburettor and electronic ignition for comfortable operations.

    With its mechanical decompression system, you can pull the recoil without much hassle. Its low noise operation is made possible by a large-capacity muffler and that is why it is an ideal machine for most homes.

    You can easily convert it into a vacuum for suctioning at your convenience. It meets evaporative, CARB 3 and EPA Phase 2 emissions regulations making it safe for the environment.

    What’s more, this machine is compactly designed so that you can manoeuvre and store it with ease. It can also function as a leaf shredder and that is why it is an ideal 3-in-1 machine to buy. You will love its high air volume coupled with low weight for perfect blowing at all times.

    Key Features:

    • Mechanical decompression system enhances constant convenient activation.
    • 4-stroke engine guarantees reduced emissions for environmentally-friendly operations.
    • Efficient fuel consumption reduced maintenance costs.
    • 2-part blower tube guarantees perfect storage in places with limited space.
    • Lightweight design for easy manoeuvre.


    2. Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

    Mcculloch GB355BP

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 1500 Watts
    • Cylinder displacement: 46 cc
    • Airspeed: 355 kph
    • Sound level: 95 dB
    • Weight: 9.16 kg
    • Fuel tank  capacity: 2.2 litres
    • Product Dimensions: 80 x 18 x 28 cm

    If you are looking for the best petrol leaf blower in the UK for perfect blowing jobs, you should try the Mcculloch GB355BP petrol leaf blower.

    It has an adjustable speed trigger so that you can control the way it blows. With its cruise control, you can maintain a constant blow speed so that hand strain will be reduced during prolonged operations.

    With an awe-inspiring airspeed of 355 kilometres per hour, the majority of stubborn debris can be moved with ease.

    Its adjustable padded shoulder straps guarantee weight redistribution so that strain on your shoulders and back is reduced. You will love its easy-to-access engine cover making it easier for you to refill the fuel tank.

    With it’s sound level standing at 95 dB, you can be sure of less noise during operations. Its large fuel tank of 2.2 litres is a plus and that is why you can work conveniently without worrying about frequent refilling. The lightweight design of this machine is a plus making it easier for you to use and store.

    Powered by a motor of 1500 Watts, this machine can work efficiently to give you the best result. If you want a leaf blower that performs with a high degree of effectiveness, you should go for the Mcculloch GB355BP petrol leaf blower vacuum.

    Key Features:

    • Comfort padding as well as straps for great comfort.
    • Variable engine speed for a perfect result.
    • Easy-to-access engine cover for convenient use.
    • Flexible trigger grip position guarantees extra cosiness.
    • Cruise control for achieving stable blow speed.


    Other Top Picks:

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    Dealourus 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

    Dealourus 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf BlowerThe Dealourus 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower has the capacity of moving leaves, dust and grass clippings with an airspeed of up to 7500 rpm. It weighs just 6.5 kg and that is why it can be maneuvered without much stress.

    It has an advanced weight distribution as well as vibration dampening systems for better performance.

    With an enhanced air filter system, higher volume air intake is guaranteed. You will love its boosted padding system on the backplate and straps so that you will be comfortable during operations. Its 65 cc 2-stroke engine is a plus guaranteeing high performance at all times.

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    BU-KO 65CC Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

    BU-KO 65CC Petrol Backpack Leaf BlowerThe BU-KO 65CC Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower is a lightweight machine powered by a motor of 2800 Watts. With a 2-stroke 65 cc engine, this machine can get the most difficult blowing task done with much ease.

    It has an airspeed of 210 miles per hour meaning that the most stubborn debris is blown.

    With a fan that runs at 7500 revolutions per minute, you can always be sure of effective operations. Its strong 2-stroke engine is a plus making sure that you get the most satisfactory blowing result. Weighing just 6.5 kilograms, it is easy to carry and operate.



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    3. Callow Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum

    Callow Garden Leaf Blower & Vacuum

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 3000 Watts
    • Volume reduction ratio: 10:1
    • Grass collector capacity: 50 Litres

    If you want the best petrol leaf blower and vacuum that will not disappoint you when it matters most, you should get the Callow Garden leaf blower.

    When in vacuum mode, it makes use of its strong motor to shred the debris for easy conversion into manure. This way, you can nourish your garden for a lush look at all times.

    It doesn’t come with complex installation making it easier for use right from the box. Powered by a motor of 3000 Watts, it can be used to blow your garden at all times for effective results.

    It weighs just 5 kilograms meaning you can use it for an extended period without much stress. You will love its mulch bag collector with a capacity of 50 litres.

    It is specifically designed to be lightweight so that it can be manipulated with ease during operations. With its high blowing speed, you can be sure that every debris in your garden is eliminated, no matter its stubbornness. Its volume reduction ratio is 10:1 ensuring that effective mulching is carried out.

    This 3-in-1 machine can function as a blowing, shredding and vacuuming machine. Its variable speed control is a plus ensuring that blowing and vacuuming are carried out effectively.

    With its long power cable, you can be sure that every part of your garden will be covered. This leaf mulcher, vacuum and blower come with a shoulder strap which guarantees comfortable use.

    Key Features:

    • 3-in-1 machine for blowing, shredding and vacuuming.
    • Large lightweight mulch bag collector for a perfect result.
    • Changeable speed control for high performance.
    • Soft shoulder for greater convenience during operations.
    • Long power cable guarantees maximum coverage of your garden.


    Other Top 3-in-1 Petrol Leaf Blowers:

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    McCulloch GBV345 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

    McCulloch GBV345 Petrol Leaf BlowerThe McCulloch GBV345 Petrol Leaf Blower is another 3-in-1 product that will give you the perfect blowing result of your desire. It features a 25 cc 2-stroke engine making it fit for garden maintenance.

    It can blow, mulch and vacuum meaning that you will pay for one product with three major functions.

    It weighs just 4.4 kilograms and that is why you can manoeuvre easily during operations. Its collection bag of high capacity is also a plus giving you the opportunity to achieve more before going for an evacuation. This machine is powered by a 750-Watt motor guaranteeing high effectiveness for a perfect finish.

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    COSTWAY 3-in-1 Garden Leaf Blower

    COSTWAY 3-in-1 Garden Leaf BlowerThe COSTWAY 3-in-1 Garden Leaf Blower is your best bet if you want to enhance your garden maintenance. It can blow, vacuum and shred leave so that the most satisfactory outcome can be achieved.

    You will love its lightweight design which goes a long way in ensuring that manipulation during operations is as easy as ABC.

    With its 40-litre capacity collection bag, you can achieve more before emptying the bag. Powered by a 750-Watt motor, this machine is what you need if you desire high performance. You love its blowing speed of 8000 revolutions per minute ensuring that quick jobs at all times.


    4. vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³/Hour – Best Leaf Blower Under £100

    vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 1.25 kW
    • Cylinder displacement: 42.7 cc
    • Weight: 6.5 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 175 x 41 x 43 cm (L x W x H

    If you want a handheld leaf blower with rich features for effective operations, you should get the vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³.

    It comes with a 42.7 cc 2-stroke engine guaranteeing high performance at all times. With a motor of 1.25 kW, you can be sure of optimal effectiveness for a beautiful garden.

    Furthermore, this machine has a lightweight design ensuring that you can manipulate it without much stress. Apart from being a blower, it can shred the leaves so that they can be used as a fertilizer.

    This way, you will not spend too much on adding nourishment to your garden. Also, it has a vacuuming function that guarantees the complete elimination of debris in your garden.

    This garden vacuum cleaner mulcher and blower has a big collection bag so that you can be sure of an effective job before evacuation. The bag is made of strong canvas and that is why its durability cannot be questioned. If you want to get the most satisfactory blowing result without compromising high effectiveness, you can go for the vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³.

    Key Features:

    • Powered by a dynamic motor of 1.25 kW for the best result.
    • Strong 2-stroke engine for efficient blowing.
    • Lightweight design for ease of use.
    • Large collection bag guarantees the effectiveness of operations


    6 More Recommended Petrol Leaf Blower

    Here more recommended petrol leaf blower reviews in the UK.

    a) Mcculloch GB V325 Petrol Leaf Blower

    Mcculloch GB V325

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 750 Watts
    • Airspeed: 89.4 m/s
    • Weight: 4.25 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 38.8 x 57 x 28.8 cm

    The Mcculloch GB V325 Petrol Leaf Blower with Backpack is an ideal product to get if you desire effectiveness during blowing operations.

    It comes with a strong motor of 750 Watts making sure that high performance is guaranteed always. There is no hiding place for any leaf, thanks to the airspeed of 89.4 m/s.

    Since it is powered by petrol, you don’t need to worry about hindrances caused by power cords. You can move around the garden and blow leaves without much obstruction.

    With its padded backpack harness with can be adjusted to fit, you can sure of comfortable operations always. It will also make it possible for you to use the machine for an extended period.

    You will love its sleek control handle which is operated by a throttle adjustment through your thumb or trigger. It has the highest airspeed of 1320 km/h meaning that quick and effective blowing is guaranteed. Weighing just 4.25 kg, this machine is easy to manipulate for the most outstanding performance.

    What’s more, this leaf blower has a 2-stroke engine which is ideal for effective blowing. This will go a long way in enhancing performance so that you will be able to meet your goals.

    Key Features:

    • 2-stroke engine for emission reduction and environmentally-friendly operations.
    • Padded adjustable harness for greater comfort.
    • Variable throttle for the most satisfactory blowing result.
    • Compactly designed for easy operation and storage.


    b) Garden Machinery Petrol Leaf Blower, petrol 25.4cc

    Petrol Leaf Blower

    Product Overview:

    • Cylinder displacement: 25.4 cc
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Fuel mix ratio: 25:1
    • Product Dimensions: 40 x 36 x 26 cm

    The Garden Machinery Petrol Leaf Blower is your best bet if you want a blower that will give you effective blowing jobs.

    It comes with a strong 25.4 cc 2-stroke petrol engine making it possible for you to achieve more with less effort. With a fuel mix ratio of 25:1, you can be sure of high performance at all times.

    It weighs only 5 kilograms making it possible for you to manipulate it without much hassle. With its low emission rate, its fuel consumption goes down making it a cost-effective machine for you. You will love its compact design guaranteeing convenient storage. Its collection bag is very large ensuring that enough work is done before evacuation.

    You can remove its blower tubes so that easy storage can be enhanced. This machine has the capability of getting rid of stubborn debris due to its high speed. Its powerful motor is a plus and that is why you can be sure of the highest level of effectiveness.

    Key Features:

    • Powerful 2-stroke engine for high performance.
    • Specially designed blower tubes for easy storage.
    • Lightweight design for easy manipulation.
    • Cost-effective fuel consumption for convenient use.
    • 25:1 fuel mix ratio for maximum output.


    c) Ryobi RBV26B 26cc Petrol Blower

    Ryobi RBV26B

    Product Overview:

    • Cylinder displacement: 26 cc
    • Airspeed: 325 km/hr
    • Weight: 5.7 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 52.2 x 30 x 38 cm

    The Ryobi RBV26B Petrol Blower comes with a powerful 26 cc engine and that is why it made into our list. It has an airspeed of 325 kilometres per hour meaning that you can be sure of effective clearance of debris in your garden.

    No matter how stubborn they are, even wet leaves, they will be eliminated with the highest precision.

    You will love its air volume of 12.8 m³/min giving you the opportunity to quickly clean your garden without compromising effectiveness. This blower is accompanied by a wrench and one-shot 2-stroke oil so that you will be able to achieve the best results every time.

    You will love its flexible throttle speed enabling you to match the speed with the type of current job you are doing.

    There is tool storage onboard enabling you to maintain the machine without much stress. You can easily exchange the blower and vacuum tubes so that the machine can be used in both modes without stress. Weighing just 5.7 kilograms, this machine can be manipulated easily for the most satisfactory result.

    Key Features:

    • Strong 26 cc engine for high performance.
    • Flexible throttle speed guarantees perfect jobs.
    • Airspeed of 325 km/hr ensures blowing of difficult leaves, including wet ones.
    • Easy to maintain with on-board tool storage.
    • 2-in-1 machine for blowing and vacuuming.


    d) Kenley glb-30c Garden Petrol Leaf Blower (best for professional)

    Kenley glb-30c

    Product Overview:

    • Power: 1000 Watts
    • Cylinder displacement: 30 cc
    • Max. airflow: 13 cubic meter/minute
    • Sound level: 95.1 dB
    • Weight: 6.2 kg
    • Fuel tank  capacity: 0.5 litres
    • Product Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 35.5 cm

    If you want a machine that will not disappoint you during active operations, you should go for the Kenley glb-30c Garden Petrol Leaf Blower.

    It comes with a 1000-watt motor which makes it possible for you to achieve high effectiveness during operations. It works quickly to guarantee the perfect elimination of every debris no matter its stubbornness.

    With an airspeed of 450 kilometres per hour, this is the perfect machine for tackling difficult places in your garden as well as wide-open areas. Its large fuel tank is a plus ensuring that maximum performance is achieved during operations. With a mixing ratio of 40:1, you can be sure of the most satisfactory result after your blowing sessions.

    You will love its padded backpack which is easy to fit enabling you to work effortlessly at all times. You don’t need to stoop or bend during operations, making sure that you get great comfort when working.

    This will make it possible for you to clean a large area from a standing position without getting tired easily.

    What’s more, this machine comes with an optimized vibration management system ensuring that discomfort is reduced when blowing. It weighs only 6.2 kilograms and that is why you can manoeuvre it with ease for successful operations. With its sound level at 95.1 dB, you can be sure of quiet operations that will bring optimum results.

    Key Features:

    • Powered by a dynamic motor of 1000 Watts.
    • Airspeed of 450 km/hr for efficient blowing.
    • Makes use of regular unleaded fuel for high effectiveness.
    • A fuel mix ratio of 40:1 for the best result.
    • Lightweight design for easy operations.


    e) Honda HHB 25 EWT Petrol Leaf Blower

    Honda HHB 25 EW T Petrol Leaf Blower

    Product Overview:

    • Cylinder displacement: 25 cc
    • Max. air speed: 70 m/s
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Fuel tank  capacity: 0.58 litres

    The Honda HHB 25 EW T Petrol Leaf Blower is a powerful machine with a 4-stroke 25 cc engine. It works with a reduced noise ensuring that you are comfortable during and after its use.

    You will love its low emission rate guaranteeing reduced consumption of fuel. Its lightweight design and ergonomic handgrip make this machine the best one for your garden.

    With a fuel tank capacity of 0.58 litre and an upright opening for preventing spillages, this machine is certainly your best bet.

    It has an airflow speed of 70 metres per second making sure no debris is spared during operations. You will love its cruise control feature which helps in maintaining a steady speed for the best result.

    Key Features:

    • Airspeed of 70 m/s guarantees effective blowing.
    • 4-stroke engine for environmentally friendly operations.
    • Easy to start with the recoil method.
    • Compactly designed for easy storage and operations.
    • 2-piece nozzle with a flattened outlet for concentrated airflow.


    f) Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower

    Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower

    Product Overview:

    • 2 stroke-engine
    • 3-in-1 Capability
    • Low Noise

    If you want a leaf shredder & vacuum that also works as a blower, you should consider the Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower. It is a powerful machine with an airflow. With its ergonomic handles, you can be sure of comfortable operations without compromising quality.

    In addition, you will love its anti-vibration mechanism ensuring that your comfort is enhanced when you are working. This means that you will not quickly feel tired when working for a prolonged time. Its large fuel tank is a plus making it possible for you to cover more ground before going low on fuel.

    Key Features:

    • Anti-vibration mechanism for greater comfort when used for a long time.
    • Ergonomic handles with a soft grip for additional comfort.
    • 3-in-1 machine for blowing, shredding and vacuuming.
    • 2-stroke engine for high performance.


    Electric vs Petrol Leaf Blowers

    Electric leaf blowers are lightweight and affordable, but petrol leaf blowers are more powerful, fast and can cover a more significant area. Some of the electric leaf blowers use a battery and others use electrical power to work.

    Corded blowers are a little challenging to use because of the limited blowing coverage and cable handling. Gas blowers are on the top when it comes to carbon emission, which is very unlikely with electric blowers. Above all, these two variants differ a lot in price.

    Type: Electric leaf blowers are available in two categories: corded and cordless. Both are handheld, but corded ones need an electrical outlet to function while cordless ones use batteries.

    Gas blowers are also available in two form factors; handheld and backpack. They use either two or four-stroke engines. Irrelevant of the engine, they need a mix of oil fuel to work.

    Usage: With a corded leaf blower, you have restrictions due to the length of its power cable. Dragging the cord around and saving it from yourself is another cumbersome task. Cordless blowers have limited battery runtime. An average priced cordless blower has a battery backup of 15 to 20 minutes.

    Petrol leaf blowers are more massive than electrical ones, but they can get the job done faster. They also need fuel, engine oil and periodic maintenance.

    Price: Electric blowers are available from £20 to £450. Comparatively expensive, petrol blowers start from £25 and go up to £600.

    Sound levels: Several regions have rules about noise levels. So, you have to be careful while choosing between an electric leaf blower or a petrol-powered variant. A petrol-powered blower has comparatively higher sound levels than an electric one.

    As you see, there are positives as well as negative aspects of both petrol and electric leaf blowers. The important thing above all is: What you need? Choose one out of them, so that you can narrow down the options.

    Who Needed Petrol Leaf Blower

    If there are many trees in your garden, it can be very exhausting raking up heaps of leaves. Also, if there is a large tree in your garden shedding a great number of leaves, using the traditional clearing method can knock you down.

    As a result of this, getting an ideal leaf blower will go a long way in reducing the stress associated with the typical method of clearing leaves.

    Petrol Leaf Blower Buying Guide

    A petrol-powered leaf cleaner is handy in removing tree and grass clippings. Deciding on which one to buy is tough because you know there are other versions available for the product.

    To sort the same, we will present you with an essential buying guide wherein we will discuss varieties of leaf blowers in detail. What features you should expect and what should be your budget will be other agendas.

    Categories of leaf blowers: Depending on power type

    1. Corded. As simple as you can think: plugin the blower into an electric outlet and start shifting the leaves. Well, that’s how a corded leaf blower works. They are sturdy and have unlimited runtime. Example. VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower. Such blowers are affordable and require less maintenance as compared to petrol or gas-powered leaf blowers.

    An unavoidable drawback of a corded leaf blower is off course its radius. You can take it away only as far as its power cable goes. Plus, there is always a chance of getting tangled with the wires, especially if you are using an extension board.

    There are various corded leaf blowers that can also work as a vacuum. VonHaus 3 in 1 is one of the same that can be converted to a vacuum by moving a knob. It’s a very convenient feature because you will be able to clear trapped leaves using the vacuum function.

    2. Cordless. Portability is the primary reason why cordless leaf blowers score high over corded ones. Quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, cordless blowers are ideal for small and medium-sized areas. Limited runtime is a significant setback with such blowers.

    They are also more massive as well as expensive than the corded versions. Talking about the blowing power, a cordless cannot be super powerful like a petrol propelled blower, but cam match a corded model.

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    3. Petrol powered. Most complicated leaf blower ones among the three categories; a petrol-powered need the right mix of gas and oil to function. Periodic maintenance is another demand that you have to fulfill and if you are storing a petrol leaf blower for a long time; there is a proper procedure for that.

    Moreover, such blowers are comparatively very loud. Even after all these complications, petrol-powered leaf blowers are the best option to take care of a medium-sized or big lawn. Above all, they are the most powerful and can cover a bigger area in less time.

    Petrol leaf blowers are available with two engine types: 2 strokes and four strokes. Both engines need petrol and gas to work. However, there is no need to maintain any ratio in 4 stroke leaf blowers. Two-stroke engines are lightweight and less expensive as compared to four strokes. Four strokes are not only costly and cumbersome but also needs regular oil change like your car.

    You select the engine type; you have to choose the form factor as well. As we stated earlier, petrol-powered leaf blowers are available in two designs; handheld and backpack. Handhelds are inexpensive than backpack blowers; however, the latter will put less stress on your wrists and are easier to handle.

    Multifunctional petrol engine leaf blower like AWESOME BV3405 can also work as a leaf shredder and leaf mulcher. Overall, it’s a leaf shredder vacuum that also has a blowing feature.
    Irrelevant to the design or engine type, if you are investing in a petrol leaf blower, you have to make sure it’s getting regular servicing and maintenance.

    How much should you spend on a capable petrol leaf blower?

    Corded leaf blowers are the cheapest; you can purchase a decent main powered blower within £40 to £60. Cordless options are comparatively expensive because of their cable-free nature and convenience. There are cordless models available between £40 to £100, but you do not get adequate blowing power and runtime. For an improved battery backup, sturdy motor and other useful features, you can spend anywhere around £140.

    Petrol versions are available from £70 to £600. You can choose the price range depending upon the brand, design, and features.

    Body only leaf blowers: In recent times, manufacturers are trying to make leaf blowers that are compatible with standard batteries used in other power tools. If you are interested in cordless variants, check if you already own a power tool that has a battery, which can be used with the blower you are planning to buy.

    Purchasing a body only leaf blower will save you a considerable amount of money. Example: Ryobi OBL1820S is a part of ONE + community that uses the same lithium-ion battery.

    Other features to check

    1. CFM (Cubic feet per minute). The volume of air thrown by a leaf blower is indicated as CFM. High CFM means a blower will be able to shift leaves and debris at a sufficient pace. Whenever you compare the performance of two petrol leaf blowers, CFM plays a vital role in the deciding results.

    2. MPH (Mile per hour). It’s the speed of air that comes out of a leaf blower nozzle. MPH is less critical than CFM, but the performance of a leaf blower also depends upon its airspeed.

    3. Engine. The power of a petrol leaf blower is generally rated by CC (cubic centimetres) and sometimes HP (Horsepower). Choose a motor that has enough ability to cover your garden or lawn. For a medium or large-sized park, anything above 20CC will be suitable.

    4. Easy access to the mulching blades. If you are investing in a three in one petrol leaf blower (which always a good idea): make sure you can easily reach its mulching blades to clear the blockages. Also, look for metal blades because plastic ones are not durable enough and can get stuck quickly.

    5. Ease of use. If you prefer a handheld petrol leaf blower, then make sure it has a comfortable handle. In the case of a backpack, the shoulder straps should be padded. There are several petrol leaf blowers that also comes with a shoulder strap. Some you can choose them too. Example. AOSOME BV3405 3 in 1 Leaf Blower

    6. Storage. A leaf blower will be undercover for a few months in a year, so make sure you have the storage space. Moreover, look for a model that has removable telescopic barrels, so that you can store it insecurely.

    Best leaf blowers overall

    Now, you know how to find a good petrol leaf blower, we will give you some of the best options available in all three categories.

    a. VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower

    • Power type: Corded
    • Weight: 3.5 kg
    • 3000W motor and ability to work as a petrol leaf vacuum as well as a mulcher.
    • Lightweight and includes a should strap for a comfortable hold
    • Impressive air flow rate

    b. VonHaus Cordless Leaf Blower

    • Power type: 20V Lithium-ion battery for a runtime of 15 minutes
    • Weight. 1.71 kg
    • One-hour charge time
    • Ergonomic design and soft rubber handle
    • Low sound level and less vibration

    c. AOSOME BV3405 3 in 1 Leaf Blower

    • Power type: Petrol
    • Weight. 4.7 kg
    • CFM of 14.5 m³/min and MPH is 47.5 m/s
    • Fast switching to vacuum or mulching functions
    • Two strokes 25 CC engine – Single cylinder

    Petrol Leaf Blower Maintenance Tips

    You can use a petrol leaf blower to clear your garden, lawn or pathways all year round. Regular maintenance of a petrol blower is required to keep it useful for all seasons. Moreover, a well-maintained leaf blower will live a long life whether it’s petrol-powered, cordless or corded. Let’s talk about some of the helpful tips.

    Read the instructions: A crucial step that most lawn owners forget to follow. Every model has different engineering, so reading the manual will give you better ideas about how to maintain a petrol leaf blower.

    Keep it clean: To ensure the efficiency of a petrol engine leaf blower, you have to keep it free from dirt and dust build-ups. Wipe the machine after every use. Keep the air filter and spark plug clean. Take the filter out, wash it with detergent and water mix, squeeze the filter to wring extra water. Once dried, coat the filter with SAE 30 oil, and then you can fit it again into the leaf blower.

    Check its wear and tear: Mechanical equipment breaking down after continuous use is a common thing to happen. If you notice any faulty parts in the petrol leaf blower, try and replace it as soon as possible. Ignoring the same would bring the blower to a halt, and you will be spending more on a new machine.

    Lock trigger and blower throttle are the standard components of a petrol leaf blower that needs replacement after prolonged use. Keep checking the switches and buttons; it should not stick at any point in time. Tighten the tubes before and after every use and also check the starter rope after regular intervals.

    Daily maintenance: If a petrol leaf blower is used regularly, you should consider the following tips to keep it maintained.

    • Clean the filter from any debris; follow the instructions manual for the steps.
    • Make sure the trigger, throttle lock and stop switch are working properly
    • Check for loose nuts and make sure there are no cracks on the case or tubes
    • If it’s a multifunctional petrol leaf blower, make sure that the bag is connected with the primary unit securely and there are no leakages.
    • Wipe out the machine after every use.

    Weekly maintenance: Follow these tips every week for proper and reliable functionality of a petrol leaf blower

    • Keep the carburettor and air filter clean
    • Clear any debris or blockage from the air intake
    • Make sure there are no damages on the anti-vibration pattern
    • The spark plug should be in top condition, replace once required

    Monthly maintenance: Every month, your leaf blower will need extensive servicing that must include the following steps.

    • Remove the fuel tank, remove the old gasoline and any dirt or debris from the container. Refill the tank with fresh gas and fuel stabilizer.
    • Check the carburettor and clean it.
    • Filters and fuel line should be working correctly, replace if any of them looks exhausted
    • Clean the spark plug, replace it if needed
    • Make sure all the cables are working, and the connections are tight


    Our top pick as the best petrol leaf blower in the UK is the Makita BHX2501 24.5 leaf blower. It is chosen because of its overall points during our analysis.

    With its rich features, you can be sure of high performance that will give you the most satisfactory result.

    Other products in this review are properly analyzed and their points are outstanding. If you select any one of them, it is very certain that your garden maintenance will be taken to the next level.

    Before a blower can make our list, it has been subjected to a series of analysis so that you will not have issues selecting the best product.


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