How To Vacuum Carpet Properly

How To Vacuum Your Carpet Properly

A lot of people are well acquainted with the procedure of getting rid of dust and dirt from a floor covering by use of a vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, taking good care of your carpet and preserving it requires a few tips as outlined below.

The following guidelines will assist you to vacuum your carpet properly to preserve it in good form and ensure it’s as good as new.

Selecting the Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner

right vacuum cleaner for carpetVacuum cleaners are available in different varieties in stores around you. Some have support while others are handheld. However, not all of them will give you the best service. Selecting a vacuum that serves your carpet requirements should be your key consideration.

A good vacuum cleaner is the one which will keep your carpet in good condition and achieve the best results.

When purchasing a new carpet, always make sure to check the manufacturer instructions. Most floor mats will come with cleaning manuals. Each type of rug will require its kind of vacuum cleaner.

For example, new carpets need special cleaners as compared to the classical ones that are synthetic and made of a pile.

There are guidelines for selecting a vacuum cleaner for the soft modern carpets. Installing a central vacuum system may still require you to make informed choices on the heads of the vacuum.

Therefore get the correct information while looking at the various brands available.

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Following the CRI system guideline

CRI is the Carpet and Rug Institute; it is a system that offers users with accurate guidance while buying a vacuum cleaner.
The system tests a vacuum on three critical areas; if it can eliminate soil, if it can manage dust and if it maintains the original appearance of the carpet.

A vacuum cleaner that meets these three standards has a logo of CRI. Therefore look out for this critical label while purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

By Use of Beater Bars

Beater BarsMost vacuum cleaners have a spinning brush also referred to as a beater bar. Its primary purpose is to stir the carpet threads to set lose any soil particles in the carpet.

It is a useful component in the traditional carpets however with the soft carpets; it can easily damage due to pulling of the loops.

Carpets with hoops or loops for example Berber do not need vacuuming with this type of brush. It is because the threads could easily loosen and make the circle appear untidy.

More so some thread may become entangled on the brush, and while pulling it with force, it can cause several others to run. Therefore, avoid the beater brush off the modern carpets as much as possible.

A beater bar can also destroy carpets with elongated decoration elegances when long strands interweave on the brush.

Carpets whose components are natural threads such as wool, should not be cleaned with a beater brush.

If you possess such carpets, shop for a vacuum cleaner that does not have a beater bar of one that has provision for switching the beater bar off. The vacuum will only use pressure to clean the carpet.

Look out for vacuum whose head height can be adjusted easily

In situations where you have different carpet styles, then it’s entirely appropriate to choose a vacuum cleaner whose head height is easily adjustable. The reason for this is because different types of carpets require different types of vacuum head heights.

It is to achieve better air circulation and pressure while cleaning. Look at the manufacturer’s instructions of the best height for your type of carpet.

Using an appropriate Cleaning Technique

Before commencing vacuuming, eliminate any small objects such as coins, pieces of toys and paper clips, Pick them as they can easily damage your vacuum cleaner should they get suctioned. Therefore, walk around the entire carpet patiently picking these items before starting to vacuum.

Vacuuming Slowly

While cleaning, run the vacuum cleaner slowly back and front consistently. It will ensure the vacuum cleaner picks up all the dust and unnecessary materials. You might be in a hurry and want to finish cleaning and do some other chores. However, cleaning fast will not achieve this as there is a chance of leaving in small items not good for your carpet.

Pass the vacuum cleaner one way while pulling it in your direction. Then, move to the next area and let it overlay the already clean area. It will ensure thorough cleaning of the entire area.
Now, work on the opposite section until the whole carpet is clean. It will allow you to achieve maximum results and ensures your carpet is clean. It is not compulsory to carry out this exercise every time you vacuum your carpet. However, it’s entirely necessary from time to time.

As you clean always remember to empty the contents of the canister or the bag every time it fills up. Failure to drain the vacuum bag will cause the pressure to decrease making you not achieve optimum results. Every time you clean to make sure it the contents don’t fill past the three quarters mark for the proper performance of your cleaning machine

Using the Extras

Several vacuum cleaners in the market have a hose so that you can be able to reach far areas while cleaning. There is a padding accessory that makes sure there is a whole area vacuuming.

Attach the crevice on the edge of the baseboard so minimize accumulation of dust and percolation of soil.

Surface Rugs

The padding attachment on the vacuum cleaner is appropriate when you are cleaning delicate areas of your rugs, for example, the wool and the silk and other threads that you are unable to scrub with a beater brush. Slowly slip the add-on over the carpet.

If your carpet is the traditional one with a cut pile, you can use a beater bar as long as you are not running it on the edges of the loops as it can pull off the threads. Gently run the attachment over the sides of the carpet.

Cleaning The Stairs

Cleaning the stairs by use of a vacuum cleaner can be a daunting task. The best way is to use the hose add-on or the vacuum hose edge to achieve good results.

Using a slight piece on the stairs will let you clean the whole stairs and the rail posts.

vacuuming carpeted stairs

Pass the attachment or the hose on the stair edges concentrating on places prone to dust collection for example at the back of the staircase at the intersection of the tread and the riser.

Gently pass the vacuum cleaner forward-facing and backward on the entire stair and the area where the rug wraps all over the edge.

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Vacuum Regularly

The frequency of vacuuming depends on the level of your activities in the house. If there are minimal movements in your home, then you should carpet at least once per week. If your home has many people or pets around, then vacuum more often.

Approximately three times a week would be appropriate in this case, It will help reduce allergy-causing substances like dust and hair from pets stuck in the carpet threads. It also helps to keep your carpet having a beautiful appearance and excellent performance.

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