How To Use Spin Mop

How To Use Spin Mop?

Admit it: a high-quality spin mop makes household cleaning easy, fast and effective. But, how are you using it?

If you utilize the mop only to clean the concrete floors, you are underestimating its powers. So, let’s learn how to use spin mop to multiple other areas apart from the surface beneath you.

Clean Hardwood Floors

Frequent mopping on the wooden floors can destroy them. But, the situation changes if you are using a spin mop.

Such a cleaning tool allows you to remove all the excess water before using it on the wooden areas. You can also use the mop in its dry state to eliminate loose dust and dirt particles.

Clean Hardwood Floors

Wipe Baseboards

Most of us hate cleaning the baseboards, and hence, we don’t do it regularly. But, using a spin mop can change the game.

Roll the mop all around the baseboard to clean the baseboards. So, you don’t need to use a broom to clean them.

Scrub Tiles in the Bathroom

If you have tiles in the washroom, you might know how painful it is to clean them. It’s the reason most of us don’t clean the washroom tiles as often we should.

But, you can use a spin mop to get rid of all the dirt, grime and stains from the tiles. In other words, you can get a clean and hygienic bathroom within a few minutes.

Clean Walls

spin mop Wipe Crown MouldingTaking care of the house walls is a challenging task. You might need a ladder to reach the top. But, a spin mop is an easy tool when you want to clean the room dividers.

If the walls are compatible, then you can use a cleaning solution for better results. Start from the top of the wall to bring all the dirt down. Use a spin mop to clean th

e walls, and you can easily cover all of them without investing much time or energy.

Wipe Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a safe house for dirt and cobwebs, especially if it’s high above your head. Using a ladder to clean anything seems to be tough. Isn’t it?

But, you can use a spin mop to wipe the crown moulding. It will remove all the dirt, dust and cobwebs.

Is a Spin Mop Enough to Deal With All Cleaning Tasks?

Most of the experts suggest that using a broom or vacuum is better before you mop. But, it’s not applicable on all surfaces. However, bathroom tiles or baseboards might need some added steps to remain clean over time.

Overall, a spin mop is not enough for all the household cleaning tasks. You still need a broom or vacuum, especially if floor cleaning is your primary motive.

Why Choose a Spin Mop?

There are multiple ways to clean your house, but most of them are painful. Isn’t it?

A soapy sponge asks you to reach the cleaning surface either by bending or using a ladder. But, they are very stressful for your body, especially if you are a senior citizen.

Here is the good news. A spin mop is not only easy to use and effective, but it also exerts minimal pressure on your body.

  • A spin mop is different because of its expandable handle, making the cleaning sessions convenient and efficient. No need to bend or find a ladder.
  • You don’t have to get your hands wet or dirty while using a spin mop.
  • There is no need to use anything while wiring the excess water. A spin mop has internal settings for this step.
  • Drying the floors is easy. You don’t have to wait.
  • The cleaning head of a spin mop is easy to wash. Some of the models are also available with washable machine heads, which are even easier to maintain.
  • Adds fun to your cleaning process – mainly because you can easily tackle extensive areas and stains.

Final Talk

Now you know how to use spin mop to clean multiple surfaces. This cleaning tool is popular because it has washable heads. So, you can reuse them.

Moreover, a spin mop is time-saving because of its extendable pole. This expandable handle is practical when you want to reach over the head areas. Happy house cleaning, we will meet again with another useful post.

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