How To Clean Mop Head

How To Clean Mop Head?

Mops are the best way to keep your house floors clean. But, what if its cleaning head is dirty?

The mop will then scatter dirt, grime and bacteria inside your residence, which will make the situation worse.

So, if you see the mop’s head is dirty, clean it immediately. If you don’t know how to clean mop head, you are on the right page. Follow the given steps to maintain your mop’s glory.

Clean it After Every Use

Take a clean bucket and fill it with hot water. You can add some drops of vinegar if you want to get rid of grease or oil contents.

Rinse your mop with normal water a couple of times once you finish the cleaning session. Then, soak it inside the hot water and vinegar mix. Take the mop out and rinse it until it runs clear water.

How to Clean Mop Head?

Rinsing and cleaning the mop head after use is not enough because vinegar is not a proper disinfectant.

So, you need to deep clean the mop heads so that they can offer hygienic wiping. The methods vary depending upon the mop you use.

Mop with Detachable Head

Mop with Detachable Head

If you have a mop with a detachable head, you can clean the lead after taking it out. If the head is machine washable, then the process is easy.

But, take care while mixing other clothes with the mop. You would not want the dirt and grime to transfer on different fabrics.

Do not machine wash the mop head if it’s not compatible. You can even pass some of the spongy heads inside your dishwasher. Yes, you read it right. Similar to a washing machine, your dishwasher can clean the mop head. It only needs a cap of bleach. However, do not wash any other plates or dishes with the head.

You can hand wash the mop heads if you don’t want to clean them inside a dishwasher or washing machine due to sanitary reasons.

Fill your sink with water and mix some dish soap. Drop the cleaning heads inside the solution and wash them using your hands after few minutes. Air-dry all these sponges and store them in a safe place.

Mop with Fixed Head

If you cannot remove the head, then mix water and bleach inside a bucket. Put the mop inside the solution for 15 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse its head until you see clear water flow. You can use the bleach and water mix to clean the pads that are not machine washable.

How to Store the Mop Head?

Most of the users do not care about the storage area of their steam mop and its heads. But, you don’t make this mistake. Store the head in a dry and cool place.

Make sure to air dry the head before storing it. Keep the cleaning head off the floor and ensure there is no moisture. Otherwise, it will promote mould growth.

When to Replace the Mop Head?

Even if you deep clean the mop heads every two or three weeks, it is better to replace them frequently.

So, get new ones after up to 3 months depending upon the usage. If you notice the heads are thin or discoloured, then change them early.


Now you know how to clean a mop head. You can easily maintain a mop because of its straightforward design.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will minimize the dirt, germs and other toxic elements in your house. Regular cleaning of the mops will also extend their life.

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