Best Floor Squeegee In UK 2019

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In this post, we’re going to show you the best floor squeegee in 2019.

This guide includes:

  • Top 5 Squeegee reviews
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So if you want to get Floor Squeegee, you’ll love this guide.

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Best Floor Squeegee Reviews In UK 2019

Floor Squeegee Price
Tyroler Bright Tools Floor Squeegee
  • Blade. 46 cm
  • Handle. 140 cm
  • TDBS Floor Squeegee
  • Blade. 44 cm
  • Handle. 140 cm
  • Leifheit Trekker Floor Squeegee
  • Blade. 45 cm
  • Handle. 140 cm
  • Santrue KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee
  • Blade. 38 cm
  • Handle.127 cm
  • 1. Tyroler Bright Tools Floor Squeegee

    Tyroler Bright Tools Floor Squeegee Heavy Duty

    • Cleaning blade. 46 cm
    • Handle. 140 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, marble, glass and wooden surfaces

    Our top recommendation is durable floor squeegee that has a 46 cm cleaning blade built of single-cast natural rubber. Due to natural rubber, the Squeegee gives you effective cleaning on all floor types, including concrete and tiles. Moreover, it can also clean the windows of your car.

    The squeegee for floors comes with a 140 cm handle made of four parts. Due to such comfortable height, you do not have to bend while wiping out a surface. Also, you don’t need a ladder while cleaning above the head areas. There is also a hanging hole on the top of its handle for secure storage.

    Key features:

    • Single piece flexible blade for efficient mopping
    • Natural rubber made blade never wears out
    • Four-part adjustable handle
    • Large squeegee suitable to maintain bigger area


    2. TDBS Floor Squeegee

    Floor Squeegee For Wet Room

    • Cleaning blade. 44 cm
    • Handle. 140 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, marble, concrete, wooden surfaces and all other flat surfaces

    Perfect for cafeterias, shower floors, kitchen and any other areas where water flow is typical. The floor squeegee from TDBS clears the water and dries the surface quickly. It has a long handle that can be adjusted up to 140 cm. So, no need to bend while wiping out the floor kitchen. Instead, use its long handle as well as a full-length cleaning blade to enjoy efficient and fast mopping.

    The cleaning blade of TDBS squeegee is made of foam, which is doubled over to enhance the cleaning power. If you pull the squeegee towards yourself and then move it forward, you will get the best cleaning results.

    Key features:

    • The large and comfortable grip on the handle
    • Hanging eye for secure storage on a hook
    • Dries the floor quickly


    3. Leifheit Trekker Floor Squeegee Wiper

    Leifheit Trekker Floor

    • Cleaning blade. 45 cm
    • Handle. 140 cm
    • Ideal for. Tiles, stone, marbles and concrete floors

    Whether you have to wipe out an area after vacuuming or you want to remove extra rainwater from the stairs, Trekker is useful in both the cases. Due to double lipped cleaning blade, the wiper is comparatively efficient, because if the first lip is unable to remove some dust, the second one does that.

    The squeegee heads have a width of 45 cm, which takes fewer passes to clean an area. Residential or official, the compact and stylish wiper can be used in any situations.

    Key features:

    • Extendable handle (between 85-140 cm)
    • Non-slip rubber grip
    • Hanging eyelet
    • Suitable for large areas


    4. Santrue KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee

    KOLLIEE Floor Squeegee Mop

    • Cleaning blade. 38 cm
    • Handle.127 cm
    • Ideal for. Stone, tiles, marble, concrete, and other flat surfaces

    A high-quality foam blade from Santrue, the Kolliee has a stainless steel handle adjustable between 64- 127 cm (25-50 inch). Its cleaning blade has a 180-degree moving pad that gives easy access to the area under the bed, table and other pieces of furniture.

    Garage, shower, or kitchen; Kolliee squeegee removes the dirt and extra water from all types of flat surfaces. The cleaning foam never makes a scratch on surfaces, so you can freely use it anywhere. It also wipes out human hair, animal fur and other regular dust from the washroom. As the Squeegee can be dissected into four parts, its storage is also effortless.

    Key features:

    • Includes an extra foam blade/pad
    • Comes with 100 per cent replacement guarantee
    • Height adjustable handle


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