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How often can I use a steam mop?

Advantages of using a steam floor mop As we discussed above, steam mops are different than traditional vacuums. So is their cleaning results. A steam floor mop will not only absorb all the dust particles and grime, but it also kills all the germs and allergens to give you a hygienically cleaned area. Moreover, you do not […]

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Buying Guide for Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide What is an Upright Vacuum? A cleaning solution in the form of a cleaning head with a handle and dust collection bag or canister is sold as an upright vacuum. Such machines generally use a rotating brush bar to draw dirt and waste. They are the most popular type of […]

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What is The Best Floor Steam Cleaner To Buy UK

Steam vacuums are gaining popularity as an alternative to the chemical cleaning that can harm your body as well as the environment. A steam cleaner uses only water to give you a throughout clean and hygienic house. It’s the reason why we are presenting a buying guide for steam vacuums wherein we will discuss the […]

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Robot Mop Buying Guide

Other Top Picks: Are Robot Mops Any Good? Robotic mops are efficient in the maintenance of house floors and can tackle fresh spills. Robotic mopping devices are still under development. It’s the reason a robot mop can keep the levels clean, but when it comes to a stubborn set of stains, you might need some […]

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Steam Cleaner Types

What Type of Steam Cleaner Do You Need? 1. Handheld Steam Cleaner Convenient to use and prepared to give you efficient results, a handheld steam cleaner is easy to move around the house. As they are available in a variety of sizes, you can choose one according to your purpose. A handheld can clean almost […]

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