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Dyson Vacuum Not Sucking- How to Fix it?

Has your Dyson vacuum stopped picking up dirt like it used to? This happens to all Dyson vacuums at some point. Don’t panic or worry yourself too much: it is generally a result of some kind of blockage in the vacuum or a dirty filter. Thankfully, making it work again only requires a few easy-to-do […]

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Can You Vacuum Cat Litter?

There’s not a more effective way to ruin a good vacuum cleaner than to use it on cat dung. Why? Cat litter can quickly form a clump inside the canister, clog, and damage the device. Besides, the next time you use the cleaner, you’d only be spreading germs from cat litter all over your house. […]

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How to Disinfect a Vacuum Cleaner

For most people, vacuum cleaners are essential assets in the home. They’re usually efficient, and make cleaning a lot easier. However, not even the best vacuum will last as long or function as effectively if it is not cared for like it should be. How long your vacuum lasts depends on you. In this article, […]

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