Best Corded Stick Vacuum

Best Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaners In UK 2023

Today, we will discuss some of our best corded stick vacuums that can outsmart their cordless variants in terms of durability, functionality and performance. Corded vacuums always have the advantage of continuous power.

These cleaners are lightweight and can be used by anyone in your family.

Due to its compact size, a corded stick vac is also simple to store.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews 2023

There are so many features in a stick vacuum. It’s the reason we have invested extra hours in making a list of the ten best-corded stick vacuums in the UK market so that you can make an informed and beneficial buying decision.

Let’s have a look.

Corded Stick VacuumWeightPowerPrice
Shark HV390UKT4.8 Kg450W
Shark HZ400UKT7.74 Kg-
VYTRONIX CSU6002.48 Kg600W
VonHaus 2 in 1-800W
oneday Corded Stick Vacuum2.6 Kg600W
VonHaus 2 in 13 kg500W
Duronic NEW VC72.48 Kg800W
iTvanila Vacuum Cleaner4.65 Kg600W
VonHaus Corded Stick2.8 kg600W
Maxi Handheld Stick2.6 Kg800W

1. Shark Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner [HV390UKT]

Shark Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner [HV390UKT]

  • 4.8 kg
  • Dust capacity. 0.9 litre
  • HEPA: Washable and anti-allergic

We love a vacuum with all the great features and an affordable price tag. Enter Shark HV390UKT, priced half at its cordless counterparts, but offers an unmatched cleaning performance. Go-anywhere Flexology tube, Duo-Clean floor head, energy efficiency, LED lights are some of the features that give HV390UKT high ratings over other models available in the market.

The corded stick hoover comes with two cleaning rollers; flocked, soft roller to collect dust from hard floors and a conventional bristle-brush to pick the dirt from carpets. On the hard floors, these rollers move slowly to avoid dirt escape.

However, they change the speed and revolves at maximum speed during carpet cleaning. Such arrangements and functions make HV390UKT an all-round cleaner that gives you desired cleaning results on all the floor types.

The Duo-Clean head can be fitted directly to the central unit or with the Flexology folding tube. It’s head pivots, swivels, and articulates to give you easy steering. Also, there is a couple of large wheels on its rear and two small movers on the front that gets you going.

At a weight of under 5 kg, the Shark hoover is easy to move around the house. While moving forward, it does not even require additional force.

The difficulty is to move it back when you have to overpower the forward driving force. Also, if you convert into a handheld mode you will not feel much stress while cleaning the stairs or other small areas.

Key features:

  • Duo-Clean floor head for efficient performance
  • The HEPA filter that makes it suitable for allergic individuals
  • Folding tube for better access to areas under the furniture
  • LED lights on the floor head


2. Shark Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner [HZ400UKT]

Shark HZ400UKT

  • 7.74 Kg
  • 99. 9%* of dust and allergens inside
  • Washable standard filter

If you need a powerful cleaner that can make your weekly cleaning sessions an easy task, take a look at Shark HZ400UKT. With its excellent performance on all floor types and easy to empty canister, it’s a perfect cleaning machine for your house.

Whether you have carpet, hardwood floors or mixed surfaces in your house, HZ400UKT can easily tackle any of them; you have to change the floor settings from easy to access hand controls. Once you have to clean ceilings or any other over the head areas, you can utilise its extension wand and other included attachments.

Shark HZ400UKT transforms into a hand-held model. So you can use this as a handheld stair vacuum also perform a convenient cleaning on your furniture and car.

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Due to its less weight and compact nature, you can easily clean hard to reach places like the area under car seats and beds. Also, its 8-meter power cable engineers a large cleaning radius, as if you are using a cordless vacuum.

Once you are done with the house cleaning, clip the handheld unit to its wand, and you will get a unique form factor for secure storage.

Key features:

  • Handheld mode for easy cleaning on stairs and other small areas
  • Large cleaning radius
  • Versatile; suitable for all floor types


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VYTRONIX CSU600 Lightweight 600W

  • 2.48 kg
  • Dust capacity. 1 litre
  • HEPA

Built to make your home cleaning simpler, faster and enjoyable, Vytronix CSU600 comes with two cleaning modes. The 2 in 1 vacuum has an upright lightweight cleaning form, and it also converts into a hand vacuum cleaner that gives you easy cleaning in dense areas.

At a weight of approx. 2.5 kg, the hooveris easy to use and move around the surface. Also, its 5 m power cable gives you an extended cleaning reach. Such features make it an excellent option for buyers looking for a cordless like convenience from an electrically operated vacuum.

Its efficient 600W power is more than enough to pick all the dust particles, even the smallest and invisible ones. Also, the High-Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter (HEPA) contains the allergens and micro-sized dust to prevent allergic triggers.

Following considerable feature is its 1-litre dust canister, which is comparatively bigger than several other variants available on this list. With such dirt carrying capacity, the vacuum is ideal for even large houses. The included attachments allow you to clean almost all the areas and surfaces, including crevices and grout.

As it is a bagless model, you will not have to invest in replacement bags. Also, the hoover is available in two attractive colors to choose: Blue & Graphite. So, select one depending upon your preference and gift your wife a one-stop cleaning solution for everything apart from pet hair.

Key features:

  • Powerful suction
  • Two in one design for convenient cleaning on all the areas
  • Anti-allergic HEPA
  • Decent dust capacity
  • Includes crevice tool


4. VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 800W Corded

VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 800W Corded

  • Dust capacity. 1.3 litre
  • HEPA and sponge

A lightweight 2 in 1 vacuum from Vonhaus is our fourth entry, which comes with several attachments for easy cleaning of your house. It works as a regular upright vacuum with the extension tube and also transforms into a handheld to clean stairs, furniture and drapes.

With excellent suction power, the corded vacuum gives you excellent results on all the floor types, especially hard floors because it virtually glides over them to provide you with a shining surface.

Due to its decent 1.3 lite dust capacity, you will not have to empty the canister at regular intervals. Once required, it is easy to detach the dust lid and throw out the dirt.

Washable HEPA and sponge filtration system makes sure that none of the allergens can escape back to the environment. It comes with a 6-meter quick-release power cable that gives you a wide cleaning radius. The attachments include a crevice tool and a small brush. There is also a hose adapter to provide you with further reach.

Vonhaus 2 in 1 is one of the best cleaning solutions for your house. Primarily because of its compact and lightweight nature that gives you effective vacuuming. Furthermore, it makes cleaning hard floors an enjoyable experience, and due to its essential attachments, you can get a clean and dust-free house. Above all, the hoover has an affordable price tag.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • HEPA filters to contain bacteria and other allergens
  • Includes required accessories


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5. oneday Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum

oneday Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • 3.12 Kg
  • Operating Radius:10 metres
  • HEPA

A powerful engine and strong suction make the 2 in 1 vacuum an ideal cleaner for pet owners. oneday Corded Stick Vacuum takes care of all the pet hair, even stubborn ones from upholstery and carpets.

HEPA filters are available to eliminate small dust particles and allergens. It also features an external stainless steel screen that is washable and hence, easy to maintain. Due to smart cable management and its ability to stand vertically, you can easily store the vacuum.

A 10-meter long power cable included with the hoover gives you broad reach to use to its strength. Its 180-degree motor brush gives you easy access to areas under the bed, sofa and other furniture pieces.

Using Cyclone technology, the machines give you constant suction power throughout the cleaning session. The power will not drop even if the dust bin is filled high.

You can detach its main handle if you need the handheld mode, which gives you easy cleaning in small areas. The vacuums excel in terms of cleanliness as well. It comes with a hygienic dirt ejector that throws out all the dust and debris without even touching them.

You might be disappointed with its performance on thick carpets, but it gives you desired results on hard floors. So, if you have a majority of carpeted floors in your house, then you should look at other options on this list.

Key features:

  • Efficient animal hair removal
  • Long power cable for better cleaning radius
  • Easy to use


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6. VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner 500W

VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • 3 kg
  • Dust capacity. 500 ml
  • HEPA

Another powerful and lightweight two in one from Vonhaus makes its entry as our sixth contender. The VonHaus 2 in 1 comes with motorized brush bar efficient in quickly picking up all the dirt, dust and debris from all the floor types. Due to it’s compact and “easy to store” nature, it’s a one-stop cleaning solution for your house.

The advanced cyclone system of the vacuum results in a decent 19Kpa constant suction. The brilliant dust release mechanism allows emptying the canister without touching the waste.

With 4-meter cord, the vacuum gives you a generous area coverage area. The length of the power cable is less being compared to other vacuums on this list but still gives you enough extension to clean a medium or small-sized room without changing the power outlet.

In addition to the cyclone mechanism, the hoover also has a motorised head with rotating brushes that ensures easy removal of stubborn dirt, pet hair, deeply accumulated debris, upholstery, hard floors and many other objects. With the help of HEPA filters, the vacuum locks all the ultra-small dust particles and allergens to give you clean and hygienic air to breathe.

As its name suggests, the smartly designed hoover can be used in two factors. Its detachable pole extension allows easy conversion from an upright to a handheld. The vacuum also includes a crevice tool that gives you access to challenging areas like the space between sofa cushions.

Key features:

  • Powerful suction
  • Two cleaning models for better versatility
  • Motorised floor head for effective cleaning


7. Duronic NEW VC7 Upright Stick Vacuum

Duronic VC7BK Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2.48 Kg
  • Power: 800 watts
  • HEPA

A fantastic vacuum from Duronic. The Duronic VC7 Upright is a bagless lightweight cleaner that comes with HEPA filtration. Primarily designed to tackle hard floor, the vacuum loses suction rapidly on carpets. It makes no effect on pet hair as well. So, read more about the device only if you have wooden or any other hard flooring in your house.

The vacuum comes with a 600W power that is variable up to 800W. So, it is efficient for quick cleanups. Once you have to clean small or over the head areas, you can quickly transform the hoover into a handheld.

Due to the portable mode, none of the cleaning jobs looks difficult for our black and white VC7 here. Due to its compact design, storage is also secure for you.

A transparent dust canister gives you easy visibility for the filling so that you can empty it accordingly. Due to the easy disposal of dust, you do not have to come in contact with any unclean particles.

VC7 is an affordable vacuum, ideal for someone living in a small flat or house. It’s also perfect if you need a compact and lightweight cleaning machine for your caravan.

HEPA filters are useful, and also washable, so you do not have to invest in replacement filters. The filters are against even the smallest of the particles and contain them without fail. Makers have made cable management easy so that you do not have a deal with unattended power cables once you are done with the house cleaning.

Key features:

  • Two cleaning modes results in high versatility
  • Efficient HEPA filtration
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and store


8. iTvanila Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Upright Vacuum

iTvanila Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2.6 Kg
  • Dust capacity. 0.80 litres
  • Washable HEPA

Looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that has efficient cleaning performance on all the floor types? If yes, then you can comfortably choose iTvanila Vacuum Cleaner that gives you desired results on both carpets and hard floors.

The first impressive feature of iTvanila is its Duoclean technology that allows you to clean carpets and hard floors without changing any settings or floor heads. The technique consists of two brush rollers inside one hoover head.

Once active, both the rollers effectively pick up all the dirt, dust and debris from carpets as well as laminated floors. Its soft front roller comes in direct contact with the hard floors to remove accumulated dust and restore the natural shine.

The suction power never drops while you are on the cleaning mission, even if the dust canister is filling high. The read roller filled with bristles remains active on the carpets to remove dirt debris and pet hair. If you have a mess around, you need the only iTvanila for brilliant and quick cleaning performance.

With a swiveling and pivoting floor head, the iTvanila gives you dream cleaning on the under furniture areas. You can also transform it into a handheld for versatile cleaning. Converting the form factors is easy and does not takes much of assembly.

Its 6-meter power cable gives you a comparatively bigger cleaning radius. Due to its compact design and wall hook, you can conveniently store it once you are done with the house cleaning session.

Key features:

  • Versatile cleaning
  • Duo clean technology for efficient performance
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient vertical storage


9. VonHaus Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner 600W – 2 in 1

VonHaus Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner 600W

  • 2.8 kg
  • Dust capacity. 0.8 litre
  • Standard

Able to clean your house from bottom to top, this 2 in 1 VanHaus comes with a 600W powerful motor that generates a suction power of 13kPa. The dual cyclone technology adds to its ability to pick up small dust particles.

The vacuum easily converts from regular upright to handheld. So, you can use the proper mode for floor cleaning, but when once you need some vacuuming inside the car, transform the cleaner into a handheld.

While all the cleaning session, you are not going to raise high numbers on electricity bills because the vacuum comes with A-Class energy efficiency.

Dust capacity of 0.8 litres allows you to use the vacuum for extended sessions. Due to relatively less weight, the cleaning machine is easy to move around the house and can be used by anyone, even the elderly.

Talking about the attachments, the 2 in 1 comes with three brush and nozzle attachments. So, even if you have to clean the toughest crannies and nooks; use the right accessories, and it’s suction power will do the rest. For higher grounds, you have to take the help of its telescopic wand that extends up to 100 cm.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Powerful suction due to dual cyclone technology
  • Includes all the required attachments


10. Maxi Handheld Stick Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Maxi Vac Handheld Stick Vac Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Upright 2 in 1 800W

  • 2.6 kg
  • Dust capacity. 1.5 litre
  • HEPA

Even the biggest household cleaning task looks easy with Maxi handheld stick vac, which comes with a powerful 800W motor. Made to offer you the required level of versatility; the vacuum comes with a 2 in 1 feature, wherein it can be easily converted to a handheld from an upright and vice versa.

Equipped with HEPA filtration, the vacuum contains all the dust particles and allergens that may trigger asthma in someone in a family.

As it’s a bagless machine, you are saved from the hard work of replacing dust bags and investing in the same after regular intervals. Moreover, it has an easy to empty dust canister that makes your house cleaning session easy and hygienic.

Due to a compact and lightweight design, you can use the hoover to clean tight spaces. It also comes with a 6-metre long power cable. So, the vacuum is easy to move around and also gives you a decent cleaning coverage.

Maxi handheld stick corded vacuum cleaner comes with all the accessories you need to clean your home. It includes a crevice tool and upholstery/curtain brush to remove the dust from a sofa or other furniture. To connect these attachments and to give you some extra reach, the vacuum also includes a hose.

The hoover comes with a B-Class rating in terms of energy efficiency. It can be the only downside of the cleaning machine from Maxi.

Key features:

  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Large dust carrying capacity
  • Effective HEPA filtration
  • Includes all the required accessories

Are Corded Vacuums Better Than Cordless?

Corded vacuum cleaners use electricity to power its internal components. It’s the reason why they generally come with better suction power than a battery operated vacuum cleaner and also gives you comparatively superior cleaning performance; especially on carpets.

Due to better and superior suction, the corded ones are more effective on pet hair and small debris or dust particles.

If you have a bigger house, then you should choose a corded cleaning machine instead of a battery-operated vacuum, so that you can clean the whole house without any interruption.


How to Choose The Best Corded Stick Vacuum?

A vacuum cleaner one of the most necessary components for your house. However, choosing the right model that can suit your circumstances and requirements is not an easy task.

So, if you are looking for a corded stick vacuum, you need to know that they are manufactured differently from each other. You should not worry about the differences; you should only think about the features you want to have in your cleaning solution.

In this section, we will talk about several factors that you should take into account while looking for a corded stick hoover in the UK market.

Weight: If you want an easy to use a vacuum, you should look for less weight. Moving the cleaner from one room to another or one floor to another should not be a tough task.

Dust capacity: As we discussed, different corded stick vacs come with a variety of dust storage tanks. Select a cleaner with a bigger dust canister, so that you don’t have to waste time and energy on regular dust emptying.

Filters: We know that most of the corded stick vacuums included on this page come with HEPA. Why? Because HEPA filtrations are beneficial for individuals suffering from asthma or any other airborne allergy. So, look for a vacuum with HEPA, so that you can get a clean house as well as pure air to breathe.

Floor-type: Corded stick vacuums are generally powerful enough to give you satisfactory cleaning results on all floor types, depending upon the model. However, you should choose a vacuum based on the flooring you have.

For example, if you have mostly carpeted floors in the house, select a vacuum that gives excellent results on rugs, even the thick ones. On the other hand, if you have a wooden floor, tiles or any other hard floor in your house, opt for a cleaning solution that is superior to those.

Suction power: If you want optimum cleaning performance from a vacuum, suction strength is another essential factor to check. High suction power means a vacuum will easily collect small dust particles, even invisible ones.

It’s also better to have suction controls on the handle. However, several corded stick vacs like Shark HV390UKT automatically change the suction power and other settings depending upon the targeted surface.

Design: Some of the vacuums only work as upright while some others are only for handheld cleaning purpose. We have discussed all the corded stick vacs that are upright and can also be converted to handheld mode.

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You should always choose a hoover that has the ability to transform so that you can get a versatile cleaning solution.

Power cable length: A vacuum with a longer power cable is always a good option because it allows you to clean the entire house without changing the power outlet. It’s better if the vacuum also has smart cable management for secure storage.

Attachments: Floor cleaning is the primary task for a vacuum cleaner. But, over time you would also like to use your investment in other areas and materials like stairs, furniture, curtains etc.

So, you invest in a hoover that includes accessories like a crevice tool, upholstery brush and other attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are stick vacuums any good?

Corded or cordless, stick vacuums have the right amount of suction power to give you a clean floor, whether it’s a carpet, wooden or tiles. The ability to work with different attachments, swiveling floor heads and motorised brushes are other features that make a stick vac ideal for household use.

Do stick vacuums work on carpet?

Corded stick vacuums like Shark HV390UKT gives you unmatched cleaning results on carpets. Several other models are efficient in the same. So, yes, stick vacuums work well on carpets.

Are Cordless vacuums as powerful as corded?

The best cordless vacuum, suction power is generated by the battery. Several models tend to lose suction power as the battery depletes. Vacuums fitted with Lithium-Ion battery has a longer battery backup. However, only a high quality cordless can compete with corded stick vacuums, in terms of suction power.

Does Dyson have a corded stick vacuum?

Dyson only manufactures cordless stick vacuums for the UK market.

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Reviews and buying guide for the best corded stick vacuums discussed above is to help you find a cleaning solution that suits your requirements and preferences. We hope that you find the information relevant and useful.

Just before we say goodbye, we want to remind you that Shark HV390UKT is the best all-around vacuum that offers efficient cleaning performance utilizing the duo clean floor head. If you need something in the budget, then HV330UK is another option that should fit the frame.

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