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Vacuum Cleaner Filters

One relevant part of any vacuum cleaner is its filtration system. If you’re thinking about getting a vacuum, you might as well get one with an excellent filter. Filters are a point of primary concern for buyers because a vacuum is, to some extents, only as good as its filter. No one wants to spend […]

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Who Invented The Vacuum Cleaner?

Every homeowner probably has a vacuum cleaner lying somewhere in the house. However, how much do people know about this device? Did you know that vacuums have not been around for long? Before the invention of vacuum cleaners, people only relied on brooms and dustpans to sweep dirt, dust rugs or clear dust. Like you […]

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How Long Should A Vacuum Cleaner Last?

One of the worries that come with purchasing a new vacuum cleaner is the question of how long it would last. Now, one shouldn’t venture into buying a vacuum cleaner without knowing this necessary information about it. A knowledge of the longevity period of any vacuum cleaner gives you a better chance of making the […]

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Will a Shop Vac Work Without a Filter?

Perhaps you’ve been on a vacuum hunt, and someone has recommended that you try the shop vac. It could also be that you just came across it in a store, and would like to know more about it. Whichever it may be, it is only wise to know the nitty-gritty of a product before going […]

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